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What Will Happen if Shariah Law and Penal Code Implemented today on Muslims?


Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem
Shari'ah prohibit man to resemble/imitate women.
Face veil is for women , not for men. Are you afraid
of Kuffar authorities?, But believers suppose to fear
Allah alone!, right?

Be like Policemen and guard yourself against your own evil thoughts and deeds. Be like a judge for your own matter. so many hard line people in the streets thinking they are so pious,want implement Shariah law everywhere! When I see their egoistic face I would walk away. If they are so pious then a handful of them will be enough to solve the problems of Palestine and other countries in the World!.

If you want to implement Shariah,then do it in your own life and your home, at that time you will know whether you truly believed or not! Because everyone of us are sinners either you take laws and punish yourself first and then ask to punish others or you ask Allahˊs forgiveness for yourself and for others.
let me ask their clerics some questions:
What is the shariah law punishment for those who knowingly engage in financial contract with usury based financial institutions? , when prophet s.a.w waived all usury 1400 years ago?

So what is the punishment for disobeying Prophet!?
So what is the punishment for disobeying Allah (whoever disobeys me disobeyed Allah! Sahih al bukhari)
If they are dealing with non-Islamic banks then if we ask the government to implement shariah law and punishment on Muslims, will the radical group members and leaders take punishment first for bank account they held that has usury terms in it?
For disobeying Prophet?
At that time you will understand Muslim and Munafiq (Hypocrite)!
What is the punishment for counterfeiting Islamic monetary syatem (dirham and dinar/Gold And Silver) with paper money?
What is the punishment for apostasy ? Did not Prophet (s.a.w) say a Muslim do not commit sin when he is a believer? (Sahih bukhari) So muslim commit sin when he enter in apostasy.
Our Shaykhs say we must always renew our faith and ask Allah`s forgiveness because of our sins making us in constant disbelief!
Some fools asking “ Why should I recite Kalima of faith (Testimony of Faith) always? I am already a Muslim!
Or really? You are always Muslim since you made faith in Islam?.
Then why holy Prophet saying Muslim di not commit sins when he is Muslim?

So when radicals hold HSBC account and Visa credit ,US dollar or British pound in their hand then shout at streets for shariah laws, when you join them thinking they are the righteous and pious, that time you already made allegiance with impostors and liars!. Because those who have extreme views must practice it in their own life first, before advocating to others!.

So you think that in Shari'ah law, you will be excluded for forging documents with government and Immigration?
Do you think that you will be set free for fraudulent insurance claims?
Do you think that you will not be liable for tax fraud, for the work you did in cash in hand,cheating the tax system?
Oh come on British and American (and other radicals) who are speaking for Shari'ah!

Under Shari'ah Law, one thing I can assure for West and East, that they will be free to live without fearing any extremist Muslims, because Shari'ah law giving protection for unbelievers under a nominal tax called Jizya
There will be no cheaters of the government and social welfare funds!
There will be no fraudulent!

This is order of Quran in Sura Saff.
61:2 O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do?

61:3 Great is hatred in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do

You can see a women may speak about honoring and respecting women. But how much she honour her mother and women aroubd her?
You can see a muslim leader speaking about social responsibility of Islam yet ignoring that he spoke in his own life!

So dont get caught by double faced and double standard people.

So if Shari'ah Law Implement today, and all People have to be punished according to the Shari'ah for what sins they had done in their life, then you will see some houses with no father, some house with no mother, some house with no sister, some house with no brother, or houses with people having their hands or feet cut off , or severe marks of beating!

Oh You may say now: Past is Past, Shariah law is for future and we can't be punished for the past?, you are against square headed!.
Didn't Jew was stoned to death for he committed adultery according to the Law of Torah in the Presence of Prophet (s.a.w)?
So doesn't Prophet (s.a.w) agreeing with the laws of Torah in regards to Jews?,
so how can you be an exception?
What is the Punishment in Shariah for spreading hatred speech, disunity and discord among Muslims?, punishment for acts dividing Muslims?
I would say to radicals and other people who want implement shariah. Their attitude make every one feel that shariah means brutal punishment and torture! But shariah means Islamic Justice and Mercy.

If you want to implement shariah penal codes, or old testament laws then you will find hatdly anyone excluded from punishment for various disobedience we committed against our Lord.

There I would like say similar thing that Isa alaihissalam said when the prostitute was brought to stone to death!
So I say if your hands are clean then call for shariah law. But if you too sinned then cover yourself from laws and seek Allahˊs forgiveness. Everyone have a right.to seek Allahˊs Mercy and forgiveness. His mecry overcome His punishment.
Or if you are still stubborn and calling for criminal laws and penal codes of the shariah of Allah. Then respect the holy laws and be yourself the first person to be judged and punished according to that holy laws.
Our path and faith is true and there is no double standard!

So let everyone seek Mercy and Forgiveness of Allah. It is the human right of everyone.
Don`t interfere human rights with your double faced terrorism and radicalism!

This is one of the wisdom in the second coming of prophet Isa A.S (Jesus Christ).
He is coming with a mighty sword and holy shariah placing it before all this fake jurists and leaders!
He will judge those who violate the fumdamental Human right of all people. (I.e seeking forgiveness and mercy of Allah). Beacuse many have been killed and presecuted without a just judgement! So many were killed not knowing why they are killed!
All this done by some filthy muftis and in the name of Islam.
So when you see the sword of Mahdi and Jesus quench its thirst by the blood of tyrants and oppressors then will see the real Shariah laws implemented.
Isa alahissalam and imam mahdi a.s will bring back both law and spirituality.
The law of complete Justice. And the human right to seek Allah`s mercy and firgiveness.
And both together will pour spitiyuality into the hearts of people. 
Cowards and Tyrants will not find safety in this world or hereafter!
Biblical Laws are Much more stricter and harder
than Islamic Laws, Because Islamic Laws sent by
Mercy to the Whole World(s.a.w).
Old Testament Laws will do much better that Shari'ah for
Christian and Jews in severity of punishment!
Islamic Law allows a disbeliever to live under Islamic state, but
Old testament laws says: even to kill the sons,cattle and destroy
the properties of anyone who rebel against the God of Israel!
Arch-Bishop is very clever

Islamic State Laws (Shari'ah) must be established and enforced by the appointed leaders (Caliph/Imams) of the Muslims. It is not for some cowards to take and play around!
Holy shari'at must be respected. That is the first rule in Shari'ah!

So today , demanding shari'ah laws is like, holding wine in left hand and quran is right hand and saying we are for Shari'ah Laws!
Or holding a Visa credit card in Pokect and screaming for Islamic Shari'ah Banking!

Or going to a Halal food shop (with fully licenced ) and saying we want shari'ah Law in Hotel!

or Debating with a non-Mehram woman in TV  who is without Hijab and proclaiming the world for Shari'ah!, without surrendering to that Shari'ah!

Or when you see Shari'ah Jihadi people, swapping a women with 30-100 men in the name of sex jihad!

Mujahideen without Islamic Shair'ah and Sunnah?What Mujahideen is that?

So when you see this double face of fake Shari'ah dudes out there to fool you, don't get caught!

There are so many Shar'iah laws which is not implemented in your own life,your own home and your own Masjid and your own groups!. First let's correct our self before correcting others (refer Sura Saff)

Now, I would like reply from readers for this questions:
  1. Do you Want Shari'ah criminal laws in your country now?
  2. If you want Shari'ah criminal laws and penal codes, then will you be abide with that?
  3. Are you ready to confess your sins and guilt in the Shari'ah court and take punishment?
  4. If you say no, then why you asking something which you are not willing to accept with whole heart?, Does not Allah say: "oh Believers enter in Islam completely"?
  5. Or do you want to accept some and reject some verses, such one's God called in Quran as Hypocrites?
So Wake up now

There is no Shariah controlled Zone without
 the Khalifa/Imam of the Muslims, apply that shariah first!

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