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Shariah Laws:Who Can Drive the Steering of Islam?

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.
Some people oppose shariah laws, thinking that Shariah Laws are harsh and rude.
But it is not the truth. Shariah laws are two kind, one that govern the society and second one that govern your ego.
The laws are again groups like Civil and Criminal.
It is the perfect governing laws.
When individuals and society are governed by Shariah laws there is real peace.harmony social justice and security in the society.

For example: There is strict traffic rules on the roads in EU. Think if there is no strict laws on the road?.
There will be traffic problems and accidents very common.

Think some people follow traffic laws and some people do not follow it, what will happen then!.?

The western World who left the laws and commandments and become self conceit. They thought everyone who just believe in Christian faith saved by Jesus and spirit. And they left the law of Torah and Injil, and deceived by self conceit and pride without they knowing Christian religion and values declined in most modern world.
When you think about Shariah think about your roads without a strict Law.
When everybody drive freely ,what will happen then?
Driving your ego is most important and dangerous than driving your car on the roads.
You need the laws of your Creator.
Only your creator knows you best.
You need a driving instructor (A spiritual guide) a service center (spiritual center and helpers etc)
A clean mirror and a watchful mind so that you do not make accidents.
If you made accident then this are repairing places and people.
Oh don't say: I am very week and bad I am not worthy to join this spiritual group , i am not a good person to meet this Shaykh etc!
Service is most needed for faulty vehicles (egos). If you drive faulty vehicle on a lawless road , then it make more deadly accidents more often.
It may cause injury (corruption of others religion) to others ad well.
Religion and spirituality is a collective work
Thats why the importance of Shaiah laws for a society.

Shariah and Tasawwuf together is necessary in the migration to Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w).

Because you have road and have all traffic rules. But if you do not have a vehicle (Sufi Tariqa) and do not know how to drive with that Tariqah how you going to move then?
If you move with a faulty tarika (deviant ways) and without knowing the rules well without knowing how to drive well at that time you will corrupt everything again!
This is why Quran says in Al bakara. We only intend to do good. But undoubtedly they are corrupter!
So as long as you do not know the way completely and do not know your own vehicle and itˊs technical in detail (your mind and soul and its secrets) , in this spiritual journey you need to have your Shaykh with you. You need spiritual guidance of a Shaykh, who completed the journey and attained Sainthood (Wilayah).

Like false salafis, don't claim every one of us are Saint!.
If you are a Saint you know yourself and the spiritual state of others.
One who never drive cannot be a driving instructor. Learn about Prophetˊs journey in Isra wal Miraj. So when you make spiritual journey to Allah and His Messenger (S.a.w) you will know the truth. At that time you will be with Prophets Siddiqin and Saliheen(Quran 4:69). Like during.the miraj prophet Muhammad (S.a.w) was with Many prophets and holy ones.
At that stations of Journey you will not say foul words like Prophets and Awliya are dead they cannot hear or help!. (When Prophet Musa A.S helped our Prophet s.a.w with prayer times and reducing it to 5 Waqt, even though Prophet s.a.w was in the presence of Allahˊ still Allah made him to ask through the door of Istighasa of Musa alaihissalam)

Some other fools in the street asking for Shariah laws. For whom?. For unbelievers?.
Shariah laws are primarily for Muslims.
Non -Muslims when they pay Jizya tax , will have full right to practice their religion.
But Social and criminal rules are same like traffic laws.
We cannot have different traffic laws special for those who drive BMW and different for those who drive Audi!

Again those low mind people who cause problem in the road side asking for shariah laws. Shariah says to repair(purify yourself).
They are not busy with repairing their ego and soul (self)
But asking others to repair. If you think other lawless and faulty vehicles (people who don't follow shariah and religion) will harm you and you need shariah laws for every vehicle, that time you should know that you can purify yourself and make yourself bullet proof by purifying your self.
So that faulty cars (corrupted social system) will not harm you.
So make yourself bullet proof.
Purify yourself in the path of tasawwuf and you will become a means for others to be purified!
Rather than wasting time with some banners and leaflets in the streets strive to purify yourself.
Don't create more faulty cars with a faulty manufacturer!.
Look at your leader your home your food your drink your money your own life. All that is in agreement with Shariah?.
If not, then why are you going to correct others?.
Correct yourself first. That's what Allah saying in sura as-Saff.

At that time you will come out from self deceit and fooling yourself and fooling others.

Imam Malik (94-179 H./716-795 CE)- Imam Malik, Son of Sahabi Anas (R.A))

Imam Malik (r) said, “Whoever studies jurisprudence (fiqh) and didn't study Sufism (tasawwuf) will be corrupted; and whoever studied tasawwuf and didn't study jurisprudence will become a heretic; and whoever combined both will be reach the Truth.” This saying is mentioned and explained in the book of the scholar ‘Ali al-Adawi with the explanation of Imam Abil-Hassan, a scholar of jurisprudence, vol. 2, p. 195.
So we see that those who entered in Islam completely can do with Shari'ah!
Quran 2:208 O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.
Other play with Shariah and cause Fitnah:
Quran 2:11 And when it is said to them, "Do not cause corruption on the earth," they say, "We are but reformers."
It is not democratic to go streets and ask for Shariah Law, Muslims have to sit with their most prominent and pious scholars and Imams and then draw the plans for shariah law.
It is not possible to draw Shariah law abiding state, demonstrating and distributing leaflets to ignorant people, who don't even know the basic rules!
The Laws of the King of Kings are laid from Masjid with the consultation of the Imams of the Greater Majority of Muslims under the Khalifa.
So when you are in streets it shows where your Iman and Islam stands in your life!
Where your priority stands!
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “The deen (religion) is naseehah (sincerity).” We said “To whom?” He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said “To Allah, His Book, His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk.” Related by Muslim (No 55) in Imam Nawawi's 40 Hadith.
When you understand who are the leaders of the Muslims and their folk, that time you will turn to the correct methods of doing things!
Salafis even advocate all the hadith in Sahih Muslim are authentic!, being Ahle hadith, why don't they take it and apply to their life? i.e to follow the leaders of the Muslims (sincerely, you accuse others they follow leaders and imams blindly) and their folk!
Look at your Shaitanic Salafi Wahhhabi Way!

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