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Book Of Soul:Part-1

Book Of Soul

Remove your Mask:
Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,
You can claim yourself by wearing the Mask of Sunni.Sufi,Salafi,Shia or whatever other religious titles and fool people with that fake Mask!
But when you encounter with real ones, the true followers and true ones, at that time your false Mask falls down and your reality coming out!
Great Prophets had great difficulties, attacking and hardship coming against their way, but they did not left their morals and manners,their hard times were followed by hardest time, but it did not cause to lose their faith morals or manners Instead their morals and manners increased more than the past.
Very small difficulties and hardship coming in your way and you are turning away? And still claiming you have become a saint (awliya) and a great follower of the Path?
If the difficulties and hardships are not making you to become more good to gain more patience and most perfect manners and morals, then understand that either you are in a wrong path or you and your way is together wrong!
I say, you must wake up to yourself and accept the true words. At that time you will know who you are and you will learn to humble yourself and stand with patience even if the whole world spit on you and you sink in that spit!

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.
Remember these things, and watch these matters in your life;
1- Your intentions and desires are your real horoscope.
2- Your deeds are your forecast 
3-Your leaders and friends are the signs of your destiny
If you arrange these three matters in your life, then you have prepared to meet Allah Almighty. If you are not arranged these things, then rush to arrange it. Because no one knows when death approach and you will not have time to arrange this.
I have no profit from you if you arrange this things for your life. It is only you who will benefit from it.
So don't fool yourself by thinking that: why should I follow what Jouhar Ali Says, I got my own ideas. If you are consulting your worldly affairs with someone, then you should be wise enough to consult the affair of your life and death with someone at least 70 times, in your life time.
At least once or twice a year. If you are putting alarm and reminder in your diary and phone for worldly affairs then you must put reminder and alarm to remind you of your death, every second, unless you know when is your last breath.

Bismillahi,Naqshbandi Taj is such majestic and spiritual dress, I am not really worthy to wear it, nor I have the himmet and hybeth to wear the dress of holy ones.
So I wear it occasionally when there is a different manifestation comes in my heart!. Other times I wear Lungi, pant shirt and Topi,or a normal turban over hat.
Because I fear that I am fooling people by wearing such holy dress of first class men of Allah.

I dislike to wear attractive dresses, because I dislike people staring at me!, I do not want someone to respect and think high of me just because I wear a particular outfit!
Respect must be for the Soul!, and when people learn to respect every individual Soul Which is From Allah, that time I am going to accept honor and respect from them.
Otherwise I can't, because Allah has brought me up with such understanding and views!.

I donˊt fear death, I donˊt fear loss of the goodness(wealth, status etc) of this world , I don`t fear bad things coming from people. I donˊt fear losing Iman (Faith). I don't fear losing Paradise..
What I fear the most is Losing Allah in my life.
So where is the time and heart to fear other silly things?
Everything else can be achieved in life by Allah Being with us.
But Allah Subhana Wa Taˊala cannot be purchased by your prayer fasting or Charity.
Only by Allah you can get Allah.
This has been told to Musa (a.s) when He was Asked by Allah to follow Al Khidr.
This fear make my time very heavy sometimes.

the barakath (blessings) in sin is tawbah(repentance) and taqwa (returning to God Conscious and God Fearing)
the lahnath (curse) in sin is kibr (arrogance) and lack of adab and alkhlaq (Morals and manners)
(From Chats)


On Ego: Hidden Shirk:
Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.I am worshiping Allah, I am not worshiping my worship nor heaven nor hell.
When I stand before Allah, I am not worried about hell or heaven.
When I stand before Allah I am only worrying about leaving from that standing.
Salamun Qawlan Min Rabbi Raheem (from Yaseen -the heart of Quran)
Peace is with them by the Word of the Most Merciful.
So the one who really stands before Allah will not worry about idols (heaven/hell etc)
When you stand before Allah with your ego that time you worry about everything else.
“Leave your ego and Come to me”
Allah said to a Saint.
So Allah says in a verse in Quran: “most of them seek Him but by associating a partner with Him”
And your Shaykh liberate your Soul from Ego(the idol you set up against Allah)!

Quran 25:43 Have you seen the one whose god is his own ego? Will you be his advocate?

Quran 45:23: Have you noted the one whose god is his ego? Consequently, God sends him astray, despite his knowledge, seals his hearing and his mind, and places a veil on his eyes. Who then can guide him, after such a decision by God? Would you not take heed?
Seeking honor from people is Shirk.
Seeking worldly title is Bidha.
Addressing someone/oneself with such title is blasphemy.
Because such title has no significance in Islam.
This came to my heart right now.
Seek honor from Allah and Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam).
Honor belong to Allah Messenger and Mumineen(Quran).
“Allah is the Giver and I distribute”(hadith).
So beware ,from whom you receive honors and titles.
Those who giving you in this world showing your giver in the hereafter
So when you receive from Allah and Prophet (s.a.w) in this world, you will receive from Allah and Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam).
If you are behind worldly people in this world for honors ,then remember they will have nothing to give you hereafter.
So be with those who are honored by Allah and Prophet(s.a.w) and they will take you to real honor.
“You will be with those whom you love” hadith
Some Muftis make verdict that you cannot take Quran verses to toilet when you go toilet!
Like if you have a piece of paper/amulet which have Quran verses written on it, they say you cannot go to toilet with it!

Doesn't Prophet (s,a,w) go toilet?, Isn't Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) "Walking Quran"? the Most Authentic Quran? the Quran that is Superior to all other Qurans men ever possessed ?

So if some pious people took some Quran forgetfully in their pocket to bathrooms , then don't blame them and make them upset!

But the real haram related to Quran is to study Quran without the support of "Ulool Ilm" People of Knowledge (Awliya Allah).

"This Book, there is no doubt is a guidance to those who are Muttaqin"-Al Bakara (2)

So Wake up 21st century Jahil Muftis!

And remember, it does not give you the right to take holy books into dirty place unless you are compelled while travelling, and Holy Books must be carried in a bag covered.


Ya Allahu Samee`ul Mujeeb save me from entering in the gathering of sectarian Sufis Wahhabis and those who hate ahlul bayt and Sahaba, as You always saved me before...ameen

Abu Sa`eed narrated that the Messenger Of Allah (s.a.w) said:“Al Hassan and Al Hussain are the Chiefs of the youths of Paradise.” (sahih) Jami At-Tirmidhi, Hadith No 3768 ,Darussalam Publications (Wahhabi Salafi Publications)

Young idiotic people holding AK47 and saying “Allahu Akbar”. They are seeing support trust and strength in that piece made by Russians!.And they are calling “we arecsoldiers of Allah?!!”
You must put your intelligence and effort to know who are real soldiers of Allah in the End of Times. So that you may not be misguided or confused.
But the righteous Army of the end of times, their weapon is Takbeer. When they say: Allahu Akbar(God is Great) the enemies fall dead!

Because the first groupˊs Allahu Akbar (Imaan/Faith)did not go beyond their throats.

The second group is righteous and Pious people with a pious Imam of ahlul bayt.

Those who celebrated Eid on Tuesday celebrated according to the Shariah (Eid at the end of Hajj, as there cannot be a gap in the day between hajj and eid)
And for those who celebrated Eid on Wednesday, celebrated according to Shari'ah, based on Moon sight calculations and rulings related to it.
So the Islamic Jurisprudence solved the confusions and tensions between the two groups 
(old post had wording error) so corrected here)


Hadith Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (Hadith No:1532) Darussalam Publications (Wahhabi salafi Publications):
Ibn Al Musayyab Told us,A Son of Sa'd Ibn Abi Waqqas narrated (a Hadith) from his father ,so I entered up on Sa'd and said:I was told something from you, about when the Messenger of Allah(s.a.w) left
Ali(A.S) in charge of Madinah.
He got Angry and said: Who told you that?
I did not want to tell him that his son had told it to me, lest he get angry with him. Then he said: 'When the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) sent out on the Campaign of Tabook, he appointed Ali in Charge of Madinah, and Ali Said: Oh Messenger of Allah I do not like you to go anywhere but I am with you. He (the Prophet S.a.w) said: "Does it please you to be to me as Haroon was to Moosa?
Except that there will be no Prophet after me?
(it's Isnad is Saheeh)

It was the lack of Adab&Akhlaq (Religious discipline&Morals) brought down Iblees to the Level of accursed Satan!
It is the morals and manners that will elevate a person to the High Stations of Faith.

If Atheists can believe that there is a personality inside his flesh that regulate his thoughts and fuctioning of the body, then if he is intelligent one, he must believe that there is Supreme Personality that is in the body of whole universe that regulates the universe.
When you learn to approach that Supreme Personality under a religious spiritual guide, you will understand further without needing rational thinking!

It was Narrated from Zadhan than Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A) drank While standing and the people looked at him and found that strange. Ali (R.A) said: "Why are you looking at me like that?, If I drink while standing I saw the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) drink while standing and if I drink whilst sitting , I saw the Messenger of Allah drink while sitting
(Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal Vol 1, Hadith Hasan, No:1128, Musnad Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Darussalam Publications)
There are more narration in the same chapter related to drinking whilst standing

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,When people stand against Men of Allah, at that time, ALLAH Sends Calamities or disasters to Warn them or to Eliminate their power or to destroy them.
And if it is to destroy them, such natural calamities befall on everyone indiscriminately (if ALLAH Wills to happen like that), and they will be resurrected according to their intentions and deeds.
(Summary of two hadith in Sahih Al Bukhari).
It may be to warn one person, but those who bear such Calamities will be whole state/whole nation!.
Just like how it was with Firaun!, how it was with the Nation of Noah (A.S)-Whole earth sunk under water except those in the Ark,rest were destroyed!

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah (R A),who attributed it to the Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam),dsaid: “Allah does not look at your forms or your wealth, rather He looks at your deeds and your hearts.” (Sahih) Sunan Ibn Majah. Hadith Number 4143

Those who did not Inherit Tawheed are dead!, and they call the inheritors of tawheed as dead!

But they are the dead people who say the Prophets are dead!
Proof For Prophets are Alive in the Spiritual World:
Sahih Al Bukhari,Volume 8, Book 77, Number 611:
Narrated Abu Huraira (R.A):The Prophet (s.a.w) said, "Adam and Moses argued with each other. Moses said to Adam. 'O Adam! You
are our father who disappointed us and turned us out of Paradise.' Then Adam said to him, 'O Moses! Allah favored you with His talk (talked to you directly) and He wrote (the Torah) for you with His
Own Hand. Do you blame me for action which Allah had written in my fate forty years before my creation?' So Adam confuted Moses, Adam confuted Moses," the Prophet added, repeating the Statement three times.

Barzakh is not a place for arguments or debate!. Prophets and Awliya Allah do not have the restrictions in Barzakh. They can pray at the grave just as they alive in this world, they can go to heavens and meet with other Prophets. As we see in the previous Hadith from Sunan Ibn Majah, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), Prophet Jesus (a.s) who is physically alive in the Heaven, having a discussion with Prophet Ibrahm (A.S) and Prophet Musa (A.S)

Everyone want to know many secret knowledge, for what?.
Are you busy with applying to your life what you already learnt?
Do you have a Shaykh?, do you follow the Imam? (Quran 4:59 Obey those who are in authority among you)
So if you didn't initiated this things in your life, then run to fulfill those commands of Allah. [Quran 5:1. O you who believe! Fulfill (your) obligations]
At that time more knowledge and wisdom will come to your heart, without anybody saying it!

Kissing Hands and Feet of the Pious is a Sunnah:
It was Narrated from Safwan Bin Assal that some people among the Jews Kissed hands and feet of the Prophet (s.a.w)
Hadih Hasan,Sunan Ibn Majah,Hadith No:3705 (Darussalam Publications*Saudi-Salafi Publications)

Bismillah,So many lies been added to many Sufi orders by some of it's followers! Unless you follow correct Tariqa and correct Shaykh, you too will be doomed with such lies and foolishness!
Such Tariqa beliefs became very popular in the most vulnerable parts of Asia and Africa!, just as such belies in other religions became popular in the vulnerable areas of Asia and Africa.
Such lies were necessary to spread and survive the existence of such Tariqas! among those religions who have such lies and Myths in it, but Islam does not support lies, nor Islamic Spirituality Support lies!
Islamic Spirituality is to Purify the Self from All lies (illusions, delusions ,imaginations and pretending) of the heart!

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.
Ameerul Mumineen Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S) is the Head and Seal of All Saints (Awliya Allah) , Imam Hassan (R.A) and Imam Hussain (R.A) shares that seal with equal authority and power, which is directly granted from Prophet alaihiswalathu wa salam.
If anyone tells you Sulthanul Awliya Shaykh Muhyiddin Abdul Qadir Al Jilani (Q.S) or Shaykh Ahmed or any other saints as head of all Saints, then they are lying!

The matter is simple and logical for anyone to understand. All Prophets are also Saint (Awliya Allah), but all Saints are not Prophets.
So when someone say: this shaykh is head of all Saints other than Prophets and Messengers, you will understand: He is the head of Imam Ali (A.S), Imam Hassan(A.S), Imam Hussain (A.S) Imam Mahdi (A.S)?
Your shaykh/Imam of the tarikat is the head of Sayyiduna Abu Bakar (R.A), Sayyiduna Umar and Sayyiduna Usman (Peace be up on them)?

We Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah do not teach your shaykh is greater than this Sahaba and Imams of Ahlul Bayt!!!

So beware of liars!

Our Shaykh , Sahibu Saif Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-kIbrisi (Q.S) is very clear in this matter!, no one can reach the stations of Sahaba!, after Prophets ,they are honored higher than anyone else you can think of!

Salawat and Salams are sent by entire believers up on them too!

The Most Superior people after Sahaba's time are the companions of Prophet Isa (A.S) after his second coming!

Some Shaykhs have uttered some words in the utmost spiritual annihilation (Fana Fillah) , for Example Shaykh Mansoor Al Hallaj (Q.S) who in the divine Presence disappeared and sacrificed himself and the divine voice manifested in his tongue and said: "I am the Truth (Ana Al Haqq), but a true believer do not take Mansoor Al Hallaj as his God!,neither Jesus Christ (A.S) as his God!, nor anyone else as his god except the unborn and never begotten Almighty God!
Never we see in any holy books from Adam (A.S) until last day: Isa Ibn Maryam (A.S) is God or Al Hallaj (R.A) is God!
It is their spiritual annihilation (Fana Fillah) that their experience of Fana in the divine Will through their Submission in Complete Sacrifice!
So if anyone take Jesus (a.s) as God or Hallaj (R.A) as go, they will lose the Path and they will not attain the high faith and spirituality!
Or if someone claims this one is head of saints or that one is head and seal of saints, they also don't reach such lofty stations of faith!
All they can do is, they will only enjoy reading and entertaining this stories like a comic book, no more that!
Just as so many people worshiping many demi-gods reading myths and epics about their miracles and powers , but none of the followers of such demi-gods never attained a high spirituality or high ranks of faith!
So read and study what is concerned for you!. If you take such stories to spread your tariqah, then you will lose and will not do any good to the seeker!

Be With Sincere Servants of Allah (Awliya Allah):

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.
Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w) honored us through their sincere servants (Awliya Allah) ,through our Shaykhs, Sulthanul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (Q.S) Waliyullahi Sahibu Said Hz Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S), Waliyullahi Hz Seyh Mehmet Effendi Hz.

So we prefer them over our parents and relatives!, If Allah chose your relatives and friends to honor you in HIS Divine Presence then you do not need this Tariqah!, You already got what you Seeking!

And you cannot have two love in your heart!, Either you love those who honored you and make other love and relationships based on the Love of Holy Ones!
Make the Holy One's the Criteria of Approaching others!

Be Generous and be good to everyone. But do not prefer others over Those Who reallly Honored you.
When you prefer other people over the Love and Relationship of Awliya Allah (Your Grand Shaykhs) you will lose the Path.

This is why So many people who took Bayat in many Tariqah, standing in the same place even after many decades!

The progress in Tariqah is no based on your physical companionship with your Shaykh, nor it is based on your years of experience in tarikat!

This is not a Worldly organization, where you get promotion based on the number of years you spend in it.

Religion is Sincerity,The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “The deen (religion) is naseehah (advice, sincerity).” We said “To whom?” He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said “To Allah, His Book, His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk.” Related by Muslim.(number 55)

And if you know how to weigh the sincerity, then weigh and find how much you are sincere to those who honored you (ALLAH RASOOL AND AWLIYA ALLAH- SALAM BE UP ON THEM)

Quran 63 (Sura Al Munafiqun) Verse 8 And to Allah belongs [all] honor, and to His Messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites do not know.
So Honor comes from Sincerity, sincerity to Allah to the Prophet (s.a.w) to the leaders of the Muslims (Imams and Awliya Allah) and their folk!.

We humble ourselves to everyone and every creatures that Allah Created.
Because there is a Sign and Wisdom of Lord in everything that pass through our life.Whether they are Wealthy or Poor, Healthy or Sick, Intelligent or Crazy, Good or Bad,King or Servant , whether it is an Elephant or Mosquito, a bird of a fish!
Because whatever comes around us will be either a witness for us or against us!
When we forget our boundaries and responsibilities , we are doomed we are are lost!

Hajj Business Began everywhere!, May Allah bring Sayyiduna Mahdi (A.S) and put an end to the sales of HIS Holy Religion and Holy Shariah..Ameen!
May Allah Bring The Hajj as it was performed by Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) and Sahaba.
May Allah ruin five star four star and other shaitanic stars Hajj pilgrimage...ameen!
And may Allah curse those who bring Bidah and Haram to Holy Hajj and Holy Umrah!..ameen ameen ameen, a billion times aameen

Bismillahi,If my heart forget Zikr Allah,my tongue remind me of it immediately. When my tongue forget Zikr Allah my heart remind me of it immediately. If my heart and tongue forget it, then my Spirit remind me it, If I completely forget Zikr Allah, then my Shaykhs remind me of it.
I remember recently this year, beloved Prophet (s.a.w) reminded me to do more Salawat and salam up on him (alaihiswalathu wa salam)

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