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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem
Allahumma Swalli Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa Ala Aaali Sayyidina Muhammadin Wa sallim.

Yes, Christians always say to you, that you must be born again by baptizing in the name of Father Son and Holy Spirit.
Shia say, you must be baptized by Allah Muhammad and Ali (Peace be with them)
Sufis say: you must be purified by Allah Rasool and your Shaykh (who is the one who represent your LORD and His Prophet alaihiswalathu wa salam for this time)

Hindus say you must be purified by God Paramathma and Guru, the Guru (spiritual teacher) who represent the Paramathma (Allah and His Prophet Rooh Al Qudus) for this times.

So, who are "born again people"?
To be born again, you must extinguish (the egoistic) the existence of your past life. Without that you cannot be born again!
Sincere Love and Submission is what bring  a new birth!
Look at worldly example: A Woman has to submit in complete Love to her husband for a New born!, in other cases, (due to force/rape) the mother have mental or physical deficiency 
The New Born Child, only drink mother's milk,and the child nourishes very quickly and the body establish a defensive mechanism and healthy living by the feeding of genuine breast milk.
On the other side, if the child is given counterfeited bottle milk, from man made companies it brings side effects (over weight, over growth, asthma, and various side effecnts due to the infant milk being produced by factories)
New Born child do not eat any dirty and man made food, that is cooked by yourself.

So in the case of spirituality, when a person is Born again, he do not take anything from man made, but only from God Made. Only from God and His Prophets. He do not follow human traditions, or the traditions of demons and materialistic people!
He will be attached to Almighty God and His Prophets upto 70 times more than a New Born baby attached to his mother, depends on the quality of his New Birth!
So, if you really are new born by Holy Spirit, then you must see that level of attachment to Almighty God and His Prophet and Final Messenger Muhammad alaihiswalathu wa salam.

Sufism is a training to New Birth, to make our soul purified, it is not to please the ego and to believe that: Ahh I am a Murid now, I am a Khalifa now, I am perfect, I have some connection and authority now!
But Sufism is to defend the Soul from the ego, ego claims, ego want to claim and chain the soul to that claim, but Soul, that Soul who want to be a servant to it's Master, so , Soul is seeking freedom from all this empty deceitful chains (claims and titles)
The Soul want to fly and make prostration in the divine presence. But the ego, the self, which want to prostrate to show off, and to claim a status among people, it is the greatest trick of ego!
It make good worship in public and lazy worship in private!
But those who rebel against ego, they sometimes avoid a long prayer in public, but make secret prayer in their private place!

So, we must understand now, BORN AGAIN/NEW BORN, it is not as some people claim to be!

To know what is it mean by "NEW BORN/BORN AGAIN", visit a new born child and find out!
Do not make false claims and words against God by saying you are new born!, if you are new born in Prophet Moses (Peace be upon him), then look at how much you are submitting to his traditions with sincere love!

if you are new born in Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him), then look at yourself how much you have submitted with Love in his teachings and traditions.

If you think you have born again in Islam, look at how much you submitted to the traditions and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (alaihiswalathu wa salam)

I am not saying teachings of Islam,because, Islam is 73 today!, I say the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), that is same yesterday today and tomorrow, anyone whether he think he is Mahdi or Messiah, coming to change/contradict the teachings of Holy Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam), such one's master is Shaitan!
And Shaytan has no Master!, he rebelled against his Master (God) and became cursed Satan!
Satan suppose to have a Shaykh, Adam (Peace be upon him), so he did not accept Adam alaihissalam to be his Shaykh!, so he became Shaitan!
So many people today, they do not have a Shaykh, so Shaitan becoming their Shaykh and Shaitan initiating him (giving Bai'ath) in to the ways of Satan!

So to be born again,one must accept sincere Love and,Submission to the traditions and divine laws!

May Allah guide people to truth...ameen..

(This post was inspired when seen a new born baby pic of a friend of mine)

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